Early Childhood Center

Kristin Puccinelli, Early Childhood Center  Director kpuccinelli@splseagles.org

Our Early Childhood Center serves our 3 year old preschool class (Owls), our 4 year old preschool class (Foxes) and our kindergarten class.

We thank you for considering St. Peter’s for your child. We are excited to get to know you as part of our extended family and to watch your child grow and develop into God’s wonderful creation.

“Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember;
involve me and I’ll understand.”
Chinese proverb

We seek to educate the whole child and believe that children learn through active play. We provide an environment where children can explore, discover, maneuver, investigate, create, distinguish, describe, express, and observe the world around them. Our teachers are the facilitators and provide resources and opportunities for children to experience the world around them. We work to provide a child-centered environment instead of a teacher-directed environment. We also recognize that children develop and grow at different rates and we work to provide developmentally appropriate activities.

The object of education is to prepare the child to educate themselves throughout their lives, and it is our goal to help children enjoy learning.

Our daily schedule allows structure and free play. We have designed weekly themes and our concepts are taught throughout the week using those themes. We build in hands on experiences for the children, such as bringing farm animals to our court yard during farm week, creating a winter wonderland, complete with snow during our North Pole week and having a grocery store with real food to purchase during nutrition week.

We begin our day with Circle Time, where we read stories, talk about the calendar and weather, count days, learn the letters of the alphabet and discover the sounds of our letters through Zoophonics.

Our Center Time is comprised of four different learning areas: art, building, communication and dramatic play. Each center is designed by a teacher according to our theme for the week. The center approach empowers the child to create his own environment. Children use their imaginations while learning necessary skills. Children have the freedom to experiment, experience, and enjoy learning. During this time, teachers let children decide how to play or build, and help them interpret their experiences and articulate what they’ve learned.

Our Concept Time activities are directed toward social, fine motor, gross motor, language, math and personal skills. Children rotate to each center and complete activities. Children learn best when actively involved in their environment, using all of their senses to explore, discover and understand their world. Our teachers provide an emotionally safe environment that is experiential, sensory, and socially based. Children are exposed to different styles of learning; auditory, visual and kinesthetic.

Our activities are centered on a Christian worldview. We use the Concordia Voyages Bible curriculum. Our Early Childhood Center attends Chapel every Wednesday morning. We start and end each day with prayer, memorize Bible verses, sing Bible songs and learn Bible stories. When issues arise during the day, we apply Biblical principles and discuss what Jesus might have done in the situation.