Joe Puccinelli – Athletic Director



Christian nurture and mission outreach are two of our primary objectives of St. Peter’s Lutheran School. Emphasis on quality and excellence shall always be guided by the Christian command “to do all things unto the Lord.”

Co-curricular activities include: band; choir; and athletics such as: volleyball; basketball and cheerleading. These activities should be nurturing, Christ-centered activities that allow our children to explore their God given talents.


Based on this simple philosophy, multiple goals are set. First and foremost, we must ask ourselves why our kids want to be involved in co-curricular activities. Their typical answer is to “HAVE FUN.” They, as children, will not recognize the knowledge and personal life patterns that develop through co-curricular activities. So our goals then must be for our children, not ourselves, and they must be pleasing to God. Additionally, these goals must be consistent with the philosophy of St. Peter’s school and must be maintained at all times.

In co-curricular activities, we should do all things with the goal of developing a child’s:

• Christian attitude
• Confidence in their individual God-given abilities
• Understanding of respect for others and respect for the co-curricular activity
• Self-confidence
• Leadership skills
• Self-discipline
• Concept of team work and co-operation
• Responsibility and Accountability for actions

As a whole, the co-curricular activities should offer experiences to develop “Christian Character” in our children and prepare them for life.

TACTICS (on the field)

Sports by nature induce stressful situations. Christian character truly manifests itself during these stressful situations. In addition to coaches teaching the fundamental skills, character building actions will be expected by all participants (students, parents, coaches, referees and staff) at St. Peter’s. These actions include but are not limited to:

• Cheer for our team not against the other team
• Encourage our team and the other team
• Accept winning and losing positively
• Hustle at all times
• Practice during team practices
• Practice during one’s free time
• Practice even when tired
• Behave as a respected team player
• Sacrifice self-glory for the team
• Keep trying in winning and losing
• Demonstrate a positive Christian attitude in winning and losing
• Respect the coaches decisions
• Be humble in victory and gracious in defeat

TACTICS (administrative)


Every child must be considered eligible to participate in sports. However, scholastic achievement must take precedent over athletic achievement. A player is considered eligible who has maintained a “C” average in all subjects, with no F’s. Eligibility for children with special needs will be evaluated by the coach, teacher and parents on an individual basis. Continued participation in any co-curricular activities cannot result in a decrease in the child’s academic progress. If a teacher or parent notices a marked decrease in the child’s academic progress while they are participating in any co-curricular activity, the child may be restricted from participation; until baseline progress is achieved. 

Parents or children should notify coaches in advance of planned absences. Absences from practices or games without prior notice will result in loss of play time in the next game. Students absent from school due to illness will not be allowed to play on the day the absence was recorded.

Disciplinary Actions

Any player may be benched temporarily or permanently as a result of disciplinary action. Appropriate disciplinary actions are at the discretion of the teachers, coaches, athletic director and administrator. Students must serve detention on the day and time assigned. Once detention is complete, the player is eligible to play.

If a child is unwilling to practice and give their all, or accept the coaches tactics, they may be released from the team. This decision will be at the discretion of the coaches, Athletic Director and administrator. Children should not be forced by parents or guardians to participate. A coach can only do so much to foster a child’s love of sports with the limited practice and game time. A parent’s responsibility and time commitment is much greater.


Participating families are required to pay a fee for each child (per sport) to help pay for referees, equipment, and uniforms. In addition, parents are encouraged to drive to at least one away game or offer to help pay for gasoline.


All coaches, parents and students will be required to sign an agreement in principle with the philosophy of the St. Peter’s co-curricular activity program. Additionally, the coach’s performance will be evaluated by the athletic director and administrator.


Parents will be held at a minimum to the same standards as the children. However, as parents, we must hold ourselves to a higher standard, and conduct ourselves as Christian role models, encouraging our children to develop solid Christian character.

SPLS Co-Curricular Philosophy and Statement (PDF form with printable Acceptance Statement)

Athletics (PDF)