Family Testimonials

The notes, letters, cards and messages we receive from our current and former SPLS families are treasures. Our faculty and staff strive to provide a quality Christian education to every student who walks through our doors. We pray for each one of our students and desire only the best for them. 


Wow, time sure does fly! Our family has only been with St. Peter’s Lutheran School since Kyla was in the 6th grade, having attended two other private Christian schools previously. We are proud to say that we may be the family that travels the furthest distance to get to school every day because we live in Dixon, but we can honestly say it has been worth it. Well worth it because of the quality instruction and spiritual guidance Kyla has received in the three years she has been here. Our daughter has really flourished and grown here at this school.  Kyla has always been an excellent student but we worried if she was being challenged enough academically to maintain her level of enthusiasm and interest in the subjects she was being taught. Many class here at St. Peter’s such as Advanced Math, Latin, History, Science, and Bible have challenged her to think more critically and methodically to her approach to problem solving, as well as contributed to her Christian growth. These are the skills and knowledge that she will need in order for her to be successful in high school, college and beyond. Kyla had close friends before coming to St. Peter’s, and now she has added more lifelong friends. She has not only flourished academically, spiritually and socially at St Peter’s, but has also created some fun memories that will stay with us always: 6th grade Science Fair (Kyla got 1st place ribbon), 6th grade trip to Wolf Mountain, 2016 Trip to Washington DC, 2016 Track Meet, and finally, 8th grade Retreat. All of these experiences have made a lasting impression on Kyla and us and we sincerely thank God for allowing us to send our child to St Peter’s Lutheran School. We will truly miss the teachers/staff and administration. 

~Tamara and Laurence Lewis


It hardly seems possible that almost ten years have passed since our twin daughters, Sophia and Victoria, were enrolled as ‘Ducks’ in the St Peters’ pre-K program. We had met with the SPLS teachers and we were delighted about the opportunity for a Christian school experience. But on that first day, with our girls being new to school, they were just ‘okay’ with St Peter’s, and only if we stayed in class with them! But their teacher, Ms.Yaw, soon gained their interest in new friends and activities, and we never looked back. As our daughters climbed to each new grade and on to new challenges, their gifted teachers led them along in maturity.  They prepared them academically and each shared a personal gift in their faith. SPLS teachers’ devotion to our daughters will always be fondly remembered. Looking back, we see that as our daughters were growing and learning, our family also grew together with other St. Peter’s families. We celebrated together, we prayed together, we served in our community together, and we mourned together. Over the years we became part of the fabric of St Peters. If we were to offer a wish for our younger SPLS students and their families, we would offer this wish for you: Savor the moments, the joy and the tears, the chapel programs, the pictures, the field trips, and all of life’s little experiences. Importantly, know today that you too are part of the fabric of St Peter’s, and that this is one of God’s great gifts.

~Greg and Andrea Lucas


It has been 16 years now that we have been at St Peter’s, my oldest, now in college started as a Duck, my middle son graduated two years ago and Michael, my youngest, will be graduating this year. It’s been a great experience filled with wonderful memories, milestones and achievements. I would like to thank God, the teachers and staff, and the church for making all of this possible. St. Peter’s has been like family to us during these years and we are truly appreciative for this blessing. I asked each of my boys what they liked most during their time at SP. They had several favorites: caring and nurturing teachers, Chapel programs, Christmas programs, speech meets, Wolf Mountain, Coloma and Redwood City, all the traditional events held each year like the dinners, softball game, the retreat and the long lasting friendships developed both inside and outside the classroom. As a father I can say that I too have thoroughly enjoyed and will always remember all of these wonderful experiences and the relationships that I have built with other SP families. If I could go back in time I wouldn’t change a thing.  I will certainly miss SP and all the fantastic people here as it has been like our second home for so many years. I will have a warm heart every time I drive by the school in the future but as every chapter ends a new one begins. SP has well prepared my sons with excellent study habits, accountability, responsibility, dependability, high moral standards, the confidence to stand up for what is right, and most importantly a strong relationship with Christ. They have been, and will be, ready for that next chapter and for that I am grateful.

~Larry McGlone


We were blessed to find St. Peter’s while searching for a Kindergarten with day care opportunities, small classroom structure, and a loving environment. Once Ryan and I toured the school we were in love!  Ryan made friends immediately and loved every minute of her days at school, which from a mother’s perspective, was a blessing in and of itself.  Our family has had the usual highs and lows that happen in life. Through our journey over the last nine years, St. Peter’s staff, families, and congregation have been aware and supportive, at times taking Ryan under special care, sharing in our grief, praying for us all, and celebrating our blessings.  Ryan has worked hard to do her best in academics and has had the support of a very loving teaching and administrative staff along the way. She has thrived in athletics; participating in volleyball, basketball softball, and track. She played flute in band, sang in worship choir, was chosen to advance in the Science fair, and represented her class in her first grade Speech Meet. Along with school activities, Ryan has always been excited to participate in the annual class Mission projects.  She enjoys helping others and strengthening her community. I (and my family) have been lucky enough to serve and support the school by being a room parent, participating in countless field trips, class activities, school, and church functions which provided the opportunity to become closer to my daughter, St. Peter’s pastors, her teachers, her classmates and their families. This has been a true privilege as a mother. This year Ryan began Confirmation classes to further her walk with God.  She has a profound natural kindness and love that shines through as she grows in her faith.  St. Peter’s has been one of the greatest blessings in our lives both as a congregation and as a loving, nurturing, learning environment.  The memories and connections she will take with her through life are ever-lasting. Our family could not be more fortunate for these past years and are beyond grateful for the foundation St. Peter’s has provided in a Christ-centered education.

~Angela Brothers, Ryan Monroe & family


One of the scariest things about raising children is not knowing if the decisions you make are the “right” decisions.  Sometimes you don’t know if a decision you made was right or wrong until years later when you can look back and reflect on the whole of that particular situation.  Most often, we make these life decisions hoping and praying that everything turns out right. One such decision for us was the decision to place Gavin at St. Peter’s.  Two years ago, looking for a middle school education for Gavin, after much prayer and searching, we made the decision to place Gavin at St. Peter’s.  Looking back on the past two years, we can say with confidence that this was the right decision.  St. Peter’s is exactly where Gavin belonged and where God intended for him to attend. Coming from the public school system, it took us a bit to acclimate to a new and different approach and philosophy to education and learning.  Gavin got his share of demerits until “WE” learned the do’s and don’ts of St. Peter’s.  It was not the easiest transition, not for Gavin and not for us. Gavin came to St. Peter’s as a shy, insecure, anxious boy.  Over the past two years, he has become a confident, introspective, respectful young man.  It has been incredibly rewarding to watch him grow and mature into a young man that is willing to take on a challenge, quick to help out a friend, and eager to demonstrate his leadership skills. I would like to extend a special “thank you” to the staff and leadership of St. Peter’s for your unending patience, kindness, and generosity.  You are not only making a difference in the lives of your students but in the lives of the families you serve as a whole and we are ever grateful.

~Sid and Candace Raney


In the fall 2014, my children transitioned to St Peters Lutheran School. Our previous school Gloria Dei Lutheran had closed. My daughter, Ayana, transitioned with some of her classmates, which made her journey a less difficult. My son, Jalen, who entered here in second grade, was not as fortunate. He was the only one from his class who came here at that time. However, he adjusted quickly through the grace, love and support of teachers, coaches, day care providers and office staff. For me it was easy to see why we chose St. Peters. I work as a high school counselor and have had the children of St. Peters staff attend here which I have had close interactions. I figured that if they in trust me with their children, I should be able to trust them with mine. It was a great decision that my wife and I made to attend St. Peters. Ayana is graduating Christian Brothers as the Valedictorian and will be attending Harvard. Jalen will be promoting this year from St. Peters and will be attending Christian Brothers. Jalen had the honor of being chosen as one of the outstanding students this year and he will be speaking at graduation and at the church ceremony when the 8th grade class is introduced to the congregation.  I want to say thank you to everyone involved with my children at St. Peters. I will always cherish your love and support.

~Kenny Watkins


To this day we are thankful that God directed us to St Peters Lutheran School when we were looking for a Pre‐School for our daughter Katie. There are no words that can express our appreciation to the many teachers, and staff members both of the school and church that have become such an important part of our lives. Katie has experienced loving Christian teachers while being afforded the opportunities and support she needed to go from a painfully shy 3 year old to the confident 8th grader she is today. SPLS has provided her with a sound academic education, allowed her to mature at her own pace, and helped her to learn skills beneficial to her future success. On an everyday basis she has had the values of consideration for others, positive conflict resolution and respecting differences clearly reinforced. While attending school she has been appreciated, cared about and safe. As Katie’s parents we have also received many blessings. We have been able to feel peaceful in the knowledge that  while at school she is with her “second family”, made friends with some wonderful people, found a new home church at St Peters and shared the lives of many children. We are also thankful that when concerns did arise we were able to deal with them immediately, openly and positively. In life many experiences come and go and are forgotten. For us that will not be the case with St Peters Lutheran School.  Our hearts are full as we think back on all we have witnessed in 12 years.  As we leave, it is with the knowledge that we will be faithful alumni and continue to pray for the success of the school. It is truly at bright light in the educational opportunities in Elk Grove. 

~J. Steve Andrews & Peggy Forseth‐Andrews 


We have been blessed to have both of our children attend St. Peter’s Lutheran School from preschool through the eighth grade. Our son, Alex, will be graduating this year and moving on to High School at Bradshaw Christian. We will always have very fond memories of the spiritual learning environment and the fellowship our children were able to experience in their time at St. Peters and the many friends they made along their journey and we rest assured that they have been well prepared for the next chapter in their education. However, we will miss the annual talent shows, cheer programs and other special family events which St. Peters offered and which provided us with so many wonderful memories. We would like to thank all of the teachers, staff and parent volunteers who made our experience at St. Peters such a special part of our lives.

~Silvia and Ken Bacon